1.5 MILLION DUST MITES MAY BE LIVING IN YOUR BED! Destroy Them By Doing This One Thing Only

watery nose, itching sensation, hay fever, sneezing, coughing and even breathing problems.

Some people who are extremely sensitive to these dust mites may even notice red, itchy bumps on their skin after being exposed to dust mites. So it’s very important to know how to get rid of them and improve your overall health.

How exactly can you get rid of dust mites? The solution is very easy and simple; you just have to go against everything you’ve been told as a child.

DO NOT MAKE YOUR BED IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU GET OUT OF BED! If you don’t make your bed in the morning you expose them to direct sunlight and fresh air, which will dehydrate and destroy them. When you make your bed immediately after you get up you trap the heat, dead skin cells and the sweat in your bed. The dust mites feed on them and multiply extensively.

So scientists advise that you go about your day, have breakfast, go to work and make your bed in the evening, this will eliminate many of the dust mites, clear the air in the room and give you a peace of mind. Also make sure that you wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly, at least once every two weeks.

There you have it, you can now be lazy and have a good reason for it. If anyone asks why your bed is not made, you can just blame it on the dust mites.

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