10 Kinds Of Guys That Find It Difficult To Approach/Woo A Lady

When guys decide whether to approach a lady, they normally calculate their chances of rejection correctly/incorrectly, thus overestimating their chances of rejection especially when a beautiful and sophisticated woman is involved. Kinds of guys that find it difficult to approach/woo a lady…

1. Virgin Guys

2. Scholars

3. Short Guys

Research have it that short guys are usually very confident when approaching a lady, just that they are likely to find it difficult to approach a lady who is much more taller than they are.

4. Introverts

Introverts are as shy as virgin guys and are usually timid and nervous when it comes to approaching/wooing a lady.

5. Stingy Guys

The notion that ladies are usually at the receiving end often makes me refrain myself from wooing ladies.

6. Pastors (SU)

7. Grammatically Deficient Guys

Someone like me who can’t construct proper English often cram and rehearse what to say before approaching a lady.

8. Mummy’s Boy

They won’t say a thing while chyking a girl without mentioning their mum’s name.

9. Low Self Esteemed Guys

Guys with low self esteem don’t have what it takes to show their worth to a lady, therefore, they see money as the only tool or escape route to get the lady they desire.

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