10 Shameful Things Guys Do When They Mistakenly Impregnate Their Girlfriends


1. They Deny It Vehemently
This should top the list. They will deny it vehemently when they know they can’t take responsibility or when the lady in question was just on a “chop and clean mouth” parol and she’s not worth taking home. *You know that awkward moment when you carelessly impregnate the lady you put on chop and clean mouth parol. Hahaha

2. They Persuade Her To Go For An Abortion
I think this should come second. Those who don’t have good financial standing or capability will force her into committing an abortion. They are unnecessary being nice and caring during those times. They will talk calmly about their unemployment, the weight of their bank account, and the marriage plans they have for her in the future. * if I hear*.. They are only trying to save themselves from shiiiit

3. They Blame Her For Being Careless
Many will blame their girlfriends for being careless by not using pregnancy preventive drugs prior to/aftermath of sex.. Oga abeg park well jhoooor. Why you sef no protect yaself ?

4. They Act Like Pregnancy Is New To Them
Even though they know they are responsible for the pregnancy, you will see them opening their mouths in amazement just as GEJ did the moment Buhari was announced the winner.

5. They Broadcast It To Their Friends
They will table the matter to their friends calling her names, spreading rumors and some more craziness. You go hear things like “this babe just wan push dis belle for me sha, me wey I never ready to be person papa” I don’t know why ladies like putting problems in one”s neck sef.. *Oooga abeg swerve enter BRT
lane jhoooor, like say you no do am*

6 He Calls For Paternity Test
In today’s world, many dudes are not faithful to their so called girls cos promiscuity is the talk of the day. They know they are responsible for it but will keep demanding a paternity test and will never drop a kobo for it, which is smart on their part & not unreasonable.

7. They Try To Avoid Her At All Cost
Some will go as far as changing their phone numbers or restrict their moment in order to avoid her. This is to signal to her that they she should carry her cross.. OYO

8. They Tell Their Mom Not To Believe Her Claim
I have seen the case of a guy who impregnated his girlfriend and went ahead to tell her mom never to believe her claim cos she wants to force the pregnancy on her. The mother even resorted to harassing and calling her slut and that she stay out of his son’s life in order not to push another person’s pregnancy on her son

9. They Drive Her Out Of Their House
Some become so aggressive that they order her out of their room threatening to never to beat her if she dare mention that statement.

10. Feel free to add the last one 


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