10 Simple Things Girls Do To Deceive Guys


It looks awkward but holds water.

Even a teenager girl knows the way to getting a guy to like her.

They’re simple principles that when masterfully applied yield results.

10 Simple Things Girls Do To Deceive Guys

1. Tiny And Caring Telephone Voice: Hmm, so common enh

2. Fake Bum & Butt: (A Mirage Always Arouses One’s Curiosity)

3. Crocodile Tears: Especially when She needs assistance.

4. “Temporary” Good Manners (She begins to form, I don’t eat much, I’m watching my weight. etc.Taaa! iffa hear! She can consume large sizes of eba oo…)

5. Pre- arranged Vocabulary: She wants to create a first good impression.

6. Exposed Cleavages (This one sha)

7. Cat walking

8. Dress code (Fitted clothes)

9. Hair style (The hairstyle that looks best on her)

10. Intelligence and Smartness. ( When she talks, you hear humility + Wisdom…It’s disturbing) 

Guys are different from girls. What move girls aren’t what move guys.

Of course you know guys are moved by sight and girls by words.

Most points listed here are sight- related.

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