10 Statements Ladies Normally Use To Lure Guys To Bed – MUST SEE FOR ALL MEN!


Even though ladies are naturally born pretenders that act like they have no hormones and don’t want to sleep with men despite the fact that they also fantasize about it as much as men do just that we label ladies that are blatant about wanting to have s*x all sort of names. However, I will say and always continue to say that ladies want s*x as much as men do just that they are very hypocritical about it for the fear of being ridiculed.

As a result of this, they use body language and sarcastic statements to pass across the message. I know that many of us are very sensitive to decode and read meaning to these statement. Without wasting time

1. “Promise me you will not initiate s*x when I come”

2. “I don’t like Dull Guys”

3. Your lips are S*xy.

4. “Don’t tell me your joystick has Er3c.ted ?”

5. “I’m having body pains, Can you Massage Me?

6. “Don’t play p**n m0vie here oooo”

7. “I hope you are the only one at home?”

8. “There’s heat, come and fan Me”

9. “You are not Romantic”

10. “I’m feeling Cold”

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