10 Things Every Woman Wants In Man She Wants To Marry (Must Read)

Lots of marriages fail these days as a result of the unrealistic goals and expectations that couples set before marriage. Many people venture into marriage for the wrong reasons; some cannot even say why they are in it.

Some of them feel the need to get married because their mates are doing it and they want the man they would end up with to fit some fictional characters in their heads. These wrong choices or criteria often make them fall into the wrong hands and ruin their chances of being happy.

Find below some of the weird things ladies check in men before marrying them;

1. Height, 2. Well-furnished apartment, 3. Wealth, 4. Cars, 5. Romance, 6. Citizenship, 7. Presence of six packs, 8. S*xual performance, 9. Occupation, 10. Talent and fame

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