3 Major Ways You Can Get V*gin.a Inf3ction Without S*.x

It is very true that you can have v**ina infection without having any form of s*xual intercourse! The v**ina has a normal population of microorganisms called ‘normal flora’, which maintains its normal functioning and health.
Any interference with this system would result in an imbalance between the population of the protective and harmful bacteria.

Three common conditions or ways you can have vaginal infection without s*x include:
1. Use of Antibiotics: The use of antibiotics, especially on a long term produces v*ginal infection. The reason for this is obvious. The high antibiotics concentration reduces the population of the protective v*ginal flora, especially the lactobacilli. This would invariably promote the growth and proliferation of v**ina yeast, especially Candida albicans.

2. Use of contraceptives: Oral contraceptive pills do not change the numbers of beneficial lactobacilli. They keep v**ina pH at about 4.4, and do not change the thickness of protective v*ginal skin cells. The use of oral contraceptive pill may reduce the risk of Bacteria Vaginosis with about 50%. However, the risk for yeast infections is increased when birth control pills are used.

3. Douching and use of antiseptic soaps: These products remove the good bacteria and impact on v**ina health causing candida super-infection.

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