4 P*nis Enlar.gement Red Flags You Must Not Ignore!

So you have convinced yourself, rightly or wrongly, that you need a larger p3nis. Well, it is your decision, but you should be aware of the dangers… and be aware that improving your bedroom skills is more advisable.

Well, candidly speaking, i would never recommend p*nile enlargement and these are the reasons:

  1. Many p*nile enlar.gement drugs are fake and dangerous. 

  2. Surgically enlarging your p*nis is a risky procedure. 

  3. Many people have been injured while trying alternative enlargement techniques. 

  4. A larger p*nis does not really mean better performance. 

  5. Your mind many be messing up with you. Truth is that your seemingly poor s3.xual perf0rmance might not be caused by the size of the p*nis. But your mind tells you it is. This is called the ‘small p*nis syndr0me’. Talking to an expert and convincing yourself that you can do it may be more helpful than drugs or surgery.

A large p*nis is good but you should consider the risks of modifying yours!

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