5 Awful Kissing Mistakes Guys Make That Completely Ruin The Mood


Here are some other things men do to turn us off with just one kiss:

1. Talking While Kissing
You’re on the sofa making out with a hot papi and he begins to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. That’s nice, you think.
But then he won’t stop. He yaps like a teenage girl who’s looking for reassurance after a first date. Every time he nibbles on your lower lip, he asks, “do you like that?” He plants another smooch and keeps mumbling. Shut up, hombre! Just kiss me!
What a buzz kill.

2. Swallowing Your Mouth
What’s worse than talking incessantly while kissing? A man that kisses you and wants to swallow your entire face! All in one swoop, he takes in your lips, tongue, nose and your…chin?
This move is for the Hannibal Lecter of lovers.
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3. Slobbering like a Puppy
I love dogs, but I don’t allow them to lick me and slobber all over my face. So why would I want a man to do so? Listen, I get it: saliva is par for the course when making out. But for the love of God, swallow some of that spit and keep your spit string to yourself cause it’s landing all over me, man!

4. Licking
I dated this guy that liked to lick my lips while we kissed. His licking felt amateurish. He didn’t nibble or bite my lips just a little before licking my bottom lip. He didn’t improvise various kissing techniques. He licked my lips like he was a kid eating a paleta.
In other words, not s3xy at all!

5. Dead Lips
An overactive tongue is bad, but kissing someone whose lips do not move at all takes the cake.
When a man kisses you, you want to feel passion. As women, we want to feel desired by the man that has caught our eye. Kissing dead lips feels like you’re kissing someone who isn’t that into you, or who’s dead? Crap!

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