5 CANCER Causing Foods We Normally Eat

Cancer is one of the commonest diseases that is ravaging the world right now with absolutely no cure other than continuous treatment, which are usually very exhaustive and financially constraining. But like the adage says, prevention is better than cure. There are some foods we eat regularly that are cancer causing foods and I will be pointing out some of them to us so we can watch what we eat and prevent this disease.


Cancer Causing Foods

  • Non-Organic Fruit

It is no longer an hidden fact that most fruits we consume now are no longer organic. Instead most have been sprayed with pesticides and the rest to help maximize the investors yield and record an astronomical high profit much to the side effect on consumers. Be careful of fruits you take, and if you must take fruits, make sure it is organic.

  • Processed Meats

Processed meats have been mixed with excessive salts that aid in heart problems and also preserved with chemicals that are dangerous to human health. Preservatives such as sodium nitrates helps make them more appealing for consumption but its deadly name is well known as carcinogens.

Smoked meats are also dangerous for consumption as they pick up tar during the smoking process, a deadly ingredient contained in cigarette smoke. E.g of processed meats are sausages, hot dogs, bacon etc.


  • Canned Tomatoes

Canned foods have always been a reason for concern since the inner parts of cans are lined with a chemical called bisphenol-A commonly known as BPA. What is more concerning is the high acidic contents of tomatoes which causes BPA to leech from the lining into themselves, BPA has been confirmed to affect the way genes work inside the brain of laboratory rats. Avoid buying can tomatoes, instead go for sachet tomatoes, sachet foods or foods in glass.


  • Microwave Popcorn

Buying microwave popcorn in bags and just putting in the microwave may be convenient for you, but it is not convenient for your body as it is actually tough on it. Microwave popcorn bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA). Exposure to PFOA is known to significantly increase the risk of kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancers.

It is safe to say that apart the bag, the popcorn itself is not organic. It contains a chemical called diacetyl which is known to cause lung diseases. Even the oil rubbed on the popcorn is mostly soyabean oil but it has been preserved with propyl gallate, a chemical that causes stomach problems and skin rashes.


  • Diet Foods

At the mention of the name diet foods, we are excited by the proposal of consuming foods which will help us in our diet, but instead it does more harm than good. Food that contains word like “diet”, “low fat”, “sugar-free” etc should be avoided as it means that those organic compounds have been replaced with chemicals. They are replaced with artificial sweetener, artificial flavors and color etc. Instead always go for the regular version of these diet products but instead, take them in moderation rather than consume their counterparts. Cancer causing foods are not limited to the ones listed above. Tell us about the regular foods we all consume that you know are cancer causing foods.

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