5 Ideal Things Every Woman Wants In A Man That’s Better Than S*x (Must Read)

There are other things every woman considers important apart from a well-endowed man who can hit it there. This article brings out all the most important things a woman would love in her man.


Here are the things a woman considers very important more than sex. Every woman would expect this from her man as Bobby Box writes.
1. Communication
Arguably the most important factor to having better s3x is effective communication, which leads you to a better understanding of what she likes, what gets her hot and which erogenous zones affect her most (ears and neck are common). She may be into something kinky. But you won’t know unless you talk about it. An online study asked participants to rank seven relationship factors that previous research found to be most important in successful relationships. Those who were most satisfied in their relationships reported communication as the most important factor, followed by knowledge of a partner and life skills. So whether you’re into dirty talk while you’re doing it or not, you do need to talk about what you’re doing.
2. Passion
Nobody wants a sexual partner with the deadpan enthusiasm of Aubrey Plaza. According to a poll of 3,289 women, only 7% of s3xually satisfied women claim penis size is critical to their pleasure. The other 93% say they can be satisfied in “other ways”. Survey participants were found 10 times more likely to rank both passion and generosity above the size of a guy’s tool.
3. Commitment
According to the International Academy of Sex Research’s annual meeting in November 2013, women are more likely to orgasm from intercourse while in a relationship than during a hook-up (which is correlated to trust and better communication). The study, which included 600 college students, found that women were half as likely to orgasm from oral sex or intercourse during a casual hook-up as they were with a partner, with nearly 75% of women in relationships reporting orgasms during intercourse.
4. Your Tongue
Aside from making your lady very happy, a study suggests that a little cunnilingus can actually limit the likelihood of your partner cheating. Also, according to an analysis of 33 studies by author Elisabeth Lloyd, only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse (with 52% stopping her man because she was afraid of taking too long). Meaning, for three quarters of women, penis size doesn’t really lend itself to her orgasm. Likewise, a survey of 19,000 from sex researcher Dr Juliet Ritchers found more than 90% of women reached orgasm when their partners used oral stimulation, making your tongue a more effective orgasm-generator than your member.
8. Helping Out
The best way to get your girl in the mood if she’s particularly stressed is to help her around the house, according to this poll of 700 women. Seven in 10 ladies said her man doing chores was a big turn-on. The most popular being: doing the dishes, cooking dinner and doing the laundry — in that order. (Something to keep in mind if you happen to feel like dessert after dinner).

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