5 Reasons Why You Should Add S3x To Your Relationship


To keep a romantic relationship s3x free is a good thing sometimes, and very difficult.

In most cases where this occurs, both parties involved are more often than not distracted and only half-committed.

This is because s3x, by modern definitions, is seen as the culmination of physical and emotional attraction – without s3x it seems the relationship is not really there.

After a while, they drift apart and it’s over…

So, though not all relationships must have s3x, here are some reasons why you might want to consider adding s3x to yours.

  1. It connects you both.

  2. When it comes to relationship trust is boosted by s3x. 

  3. Keep things hot and fiery.

  4. Making-up after a breakup get easier.

  5. You guys can just burn stay fit together.

So cut your partner some slack and get some fun. You both will be happier for it.

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