5 Things You Need To Know About SP3RMS


It Sticks Around Longer Than You Think
Sp’εrm typically stays in your body for 48 hours after s*x, however, “it can hang around for as long as five days to a week,” depending on how “friendly” your cervical mucus is, says Fisch. Interestingly, cervical mucus protects sperm and helps it stay longer in the body around ovulation, when you’re most fertile.
Your Guy’s Health Affects His Sp’εrm
“Sperm may be healthier for men under 40,” says Wambach. “And they’ll definitely be healthier in men who avoid things like smoking, a high-fat diet, and environmental toxins.” So if you’re considering starting or expanding your family, keep that in mind.
Temperature CAN Lower His Sp’εrm Count
Apparently, his sεmεn fluctuates with the seasons. “Sp’εrm count tends to be lowest in summer months and highest in winter months,” says Fisch, because exposure to heat lessens sp’εrm count.
Overheating can include anything as seemingly innocuous as your man having a hot Macbook on his lap or as obvious as the two of you relaxing in a hot tub.
“In a Jacuzzi 104 degrees and higher, sp’εrm count can decrease dramatically,” warns Fisch. In fact, this decrease can last for months after extreme overexposure to high temps.
“I tell my patients, if you’re trying to have kids, don’t go into hot tubs.” Of course, don’t assume you’re .ly safe from getting pregnant after you take a dip, either. “It’s not birth control,” he laughs.
Male and Female Sp’εrm are Created Equal
Sp’εrm either have the X or Y chromosome, but their chances of making it don’t differ, says Fisch. The idea that one type is more resilient or swims faster than the other is just a myth.
It’s Super Rare to Be Allergic to Sp’εrm
We’ve all heard that women can be allergic to sp’εrm, causing inflammation or redness, but both Fisch and Wambach say that it’s very, very rare to be allergic. “I’d look to other factors, like a vag!nal infection, first,” says Fisch. There has also been one study on a sεxμally transmitted allergy to Brazil nuts (where a woman had an allergic reaction to her partner’s sp’εrm after he ate the nuts). But again, cases like this are extremely rare. In the unusual case you are diagnosed as allergic, wearing a condom can prevent irritation.

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