5 Types Of Women That Are Very Good In Bed – Guys, Get In Here Now!

It might be difficult to know a woman who will be good in bed unless you actually take her to b3d. But if you would rather not risk taking home a woman that will turn out to be not-so-great, we present to you five personality types that translate into a fantastic time in bed.

1. The Funny Woman:

For some curious reason, funny people are usually better in bed.

2. The Experienced Woman:

A lot of men run from the ‘experienced’ or the ‘slu.tty’ woman because they worry about their reputations but if you have not bedded one, you are missing out.

3. The Outspoken Woman:

Women who are never shy about expressing themselves usually turn out to be great S3@. Xx:’ partners.

4. The Filthy Woman:

You know that woman who always seem to have dirt in her mind. She says nasty things and talks like a pro. So, take her home today, you are more likely to be pleased.

5. The Curious Woman:

Is she always interested in trying new things? Does she jump at the chance to try a new meal, try her hands in new ventures or gets easily bored of things? This is one woman you should bed. She will give you a thrill.

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