7 Reasons Why $e-x is Painful For Some Women

1. First time S3x – it is normal and common for a woman having S3x for the first time to feel pain because the hy-men is stretched abnormally. It can be very painful.

2. Dryness, no lubr.ication – when the woman is dry in the v*gina, p3net.ration is more than likely to bring sharp pain and even tears. Using a lubri,cant will help.

3.Mental block – S3x could be painful when the woman is not 100% ready for it. She needs to be emotionally and physically involved for it to feel good.
4. Infections – some s3-xually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gon0rrhoea and genital herpes can cause S3x to be painful. Pregnant Woman

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