7 Tricks Ladies Use To Get What They Want


1. Tears
All women knows that the easiest way to make a man feel uncomfortable is to cry. Men will do anything they possibly can to make the crying stop. Women have used tears to their benefit since childhood.
Fathers buy presents for their tearful daughters; school teachers forgive them for bad behaviour…anything to close the floodgates. Most women have perfected this technique to the point where it is extremely difficult for a man to determine whether the tears are even real.

2. Bribes and rewards
After being with you for a while, a woman is well aware of what buttons she needs to push. And if she decides she wants something she will know exactly how to ‘convince’ you.
She will promise you tickets to a concert that you’ve been talking about recently, an expensive item you’ve been dreaming about, and the obvious use of intimate favours (she may promise Mouth-actionor something ‘forbidden‘).

3. Flattery
A woman who showers you with praise, regardless of what exactly she is complimenting (your appearance, how good you are in bed, or your work), will inevitably earn more understanding from you than usual. What’s in it for her? Since you feel like you’ve been appreciated for your true worth, she knows that you will gladly and willingly agree to her requests.

4. Involving friends
A quick-witted woman will seek help from your friends. When she is alone with them, she, seemingly by accident, will mention what she wants and express her idea on the subject of what would make her happier. The next time you go to your friends to get ideas on what to get her for Christmas or birthday, your friend will immediately remember that “coincidental” conversation with her and will give you a whole list of what she might like.

5. Jealousy
Slight flirtation or agreeing to accept a drink from a stranger at the bar is just a reminder that you are not the only man in town.
She assumes that if you feel like you can lose her, you will try to do everything to keep her. As a result a generous and indecisive man will do anything she wants.

6. Unavailability
When she needs something she can become unavailable, busy and less sociable with you. You may think that she has decided to end the relationship and move on, and start worrying about where she is and what is going on with her.
She knows that you are likely to agree with her requests in order to save the relationship.

7. Damsel in distress
Trick Women will act lost and helpless to get their way.
Men like to be knights in shining armour for their loved ones. This role allows men to feel like heroes, and women take advantage of this. Even when she is perfectly capable of figuring out how to do something herself, she knows that by acting like a helpless little girl, she will force the man to come to her rescue.
Besides it will be extremely difficult for a man to get mad or upset since she would have given him an opportunity to feel important.
It is a betrayal to trap a man. Even though a woman may get what she wants by trapping her man into marriage, child rearing or commitment, they will always be wondering if that is the only reason that they got where they are.

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