7 Ways To Know Your Partner Just Slept With Someone Else…A Must Read!

The issue of infidelity in relationships can never be overlooked as it is a subject that affects many. The same way women cheat in relationships, men also cheat. Find below some of the give-away signs that men watch out for when women cheat on them:

5. The Smell: There is always a funny smell you will perceive after s3x; no matter the level of personal hygiene you may have, there would always be an odor. This is because s3x has its own smell. Men get to know if their girlfriends have just slept with someone else by perceiving that odor.

4. Long bath than normal: Whenever your girlfriend returns from an unknown place and spend an awfully long time in the bathroom, then something is fishy.

3. Turn Advances Down. 

2. They Become Defensive: Women who cheat know that their boyfriends are likely to question them when they return; therefore they end up flaring up as soon as the questions are asked.

1. They Avoid Eye Contact: Remember men could never get it wrong with these signs if the girlfriends in question are women who are just starting to get into the cheating business. They still have conscience and would feel guilty about sleeping with other men.

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