8 Kinds Of C0nd0ms And The Pleasure They Offer


It is important to have safe s3x, but how do you choose the right c0nd0m for you?

These are 8 most popular kinds of c0nd0ms and reasons why you would prefer them.

1. Thin or sensitive: C0nd0ms that feel like they’re not even there. Great for making you forget you are even using a c0nd0m.

2. Stronger c0nd0ms: Sometimes they could be thicker. More focused on protecting you than giving added pleasure.

3. Textured c0nd0ms: The outside is made to feel like artificial p3nis veins to make it feel extra real to her. Not all women are fans of this though.

4. Flavoured c0nd0ms: Great for 0r.al s3x if she will like added pr0tection. Plus, it smells pretty nice too.

5. Colored c0nd0m: You can have a themed s3x.. Red for Christmas, green for independence day, etc. Some even glow in the dark.

6. Non-lubed c0nd0m: If you have a particular lube you want to use and you rather not have any others interfere, this will work perfectly.

7. Desensitizing c0nd0ms: These Climax Control c0nd0ms help men last longer by delaying climax. A great c0nd0m if you are a short sprinter but not so much if you have no problem with timing as these c0nd0ms tend to make your unit go numb.

8. Vibrating c0nd0ms: Vibrating c0nd0m rings are not actually c0nd0ms but they can be used with your best c0nd0ms to enhance pl3asure for her and help you last longer as well. Another must have in the best c0nd0m search.

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