8 Love Making Mistakes Couples Make [A Must Read]

Many couple treat s*x just like p0.rn which eventually ruin their s*x life. Couple who enjoy perfect s*x life knows the secret of keeping their partner happy. But what are the major blunders which should be avoided? Learn why treating s*x like porn is not a good idea. Here are the 9 S*x Mistakes A Couple Make When Making Love which eventually ruin their s*x life in long term.

  1. Not Kissing Your Partner.
  2. Biting Too Early Turns The Partner Off. 
  3. Ignoring Other Parts Of Your Partner’s Body. 
  4. Putting Too Much Weight On Your Partner.
  5. Reaching Cli.max Either Too Soon Or Too Late.
  6. Not Informing Your Partner Before Reaching Cli.max.
  7. Treating S*x Like P0rn.
  8. Lying Quiet.

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