8 Signs You Need To Quit Your Relationship Now


People get into relationships with hope that it would last for a very long time, but that isn’t always the case sometimes.
When a relationship becomes unbearable due to certain unpleasant circumstances, then you might consider ending it.
So how do you know when to quit a relationship that’s not working? Here are eight signs you need to look out for:
  1. Infidelity: While you may give your partner a second chance if they cheat on you, you may also need to consider letting them go when this becomes a regular occurence. The first time may be a mistake, but repeated acts of infidelity is inexcusable and you don’t have to put up with such a person. Someone who hurts your feelings over and over again does not love you, so you need to let them go.
  2. Physical Abuse: If your partner hits you once, there’s a chance it can happen again. Whether it happened when your partner was drunk or during a heated argument, this is a real cause for concern. You might decide to forgive and forget, but you will always live with that emotional scar. A person who has no emotional and physical restraints is a time bomb waiting to explode. Save yourself the trouble and end the relationship.
  3. Negative Addiction: You cannot have a fruitful relationship with a person who is perpetually high on drugs or alcohol. Sooner or later, they’ll drag you into their fuzzy world of addiction. A person who you cannot carry on a normal conversation with because their heads are always in the cloud, isn’t worth your time.
  4. Deception: A partner who tells lies every time is not someone that can be trusted. Of what use is your partner if you can never get a truthful response from them on simple matters? If you only hear the truth about something your partner did or said from other people, then it would be wise for you to drop this person before you drown in a sea of lies.
  5. Poor Communication: One of the keys to a lasting relationship is communication. However, if you find yourself in a relationship where you and your partner hardly talk or have nothing to say to each other when you are together, something is terribly wrong. If you cannot carry on a normal discussion without resorting to arguments and fights, then you two will do better apart than together.
  6. Disrespect: Respect is reciprocal – to receive it, you have to first give it. This has nothing to do with age, but more to do with courtesy. A relationship where the two people involved talk nasty to each other or treat one another like rivals, is one that needs to end. Note that respect comes naturally in a loving relationship. This means a lack of mutual respect in your relationship indicates a short supply of love.
  7. You’ve Grown Apart: Perhaps the fire in your relationship has died down after years of being together. There’s still a chance of revival in this kind of situation – take a trip together, do the exciting things that made your relationship fun in the past or go for counselling. If none of these works, then it’s possible you two are tired of the relationship or simply grown apart. At this point, it’s fine to start considering a breakup.
  8. It’s All About S*x: If all you and your partner get into is s*x, s*x and more s*x, there’s a major problem. Do you only connect when you’re in bed? Does your conversation only revolves around s*x? Obviously, this is a Friends With Benefits (FWB) arrangement. This kind of relationship lacks substance and will eventually fizzle out. If you need to be in a real relationship, quit this one and move on.

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