8 Things Couples Should Do Every Single Day To Keep The Love Alive

You want to be romantic? You want to get those butterfly feelings in your stomach just like you had on your first date long ago? Good.

To help you keep that flame burning, here’s a list of 8 things couples need to do every single day!

Compliment each other

Laugh – Nobody should ever go a complete day without laughing.

Say those three words – “I Love You” Go on — say it to your wife (or husband) every single day.

Notice the little things – Could be your wife’s new hairstyle or outfit.

Put things in perspective – Whatever you may be upset about or just feeling lukewarm about in terms of your relationship, take a step back.

Dream big – Dream big and share those dreams with your spouse.

Share something new – There’s always something new you can share with your spouse. Could be a movie you just watched, a fantastic article you just read (like this one!), or some favorite childhood memories.

Lock lips – It goes without saying but you should start and end each day exactly the same way. With a gentle kiss on the lips.

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