9 Sure Mistakes That Can Kill Your Marriage If Not Corrected

Marriage is key to greatness as well as key to deep downfall, To protect and build your marriage to be strong, There are marriage Mistakes marriage You should avoid, They are:

Lack of Respect: This is very important, Never you badmouth your spouse to your associates and friend.

Nagging: This is a frustrating Dance that many women fall prey to. Thou men and women do it but women do it most, Nagging can kill marriage, as it will make your partner to keep lates and run away from home to avoid such nagging. Its very dangerous.

Lack of S*xual Intimacy: This can stablize the marriage.

Know it all: Don’t always fight that you know it all, This can kill your marriage, always listen and admit you made a mistake, ask for forgiveness.

Not Walking The Talk: This is very simple but people do fall prey to it. Action speaks rather than word. If you say you will do something, don’t fail to do it but if your said you will not, follow through.


StoneWalling Always withdrawing from conversation can kill your relationship as well as refusing to discuss issue, feeling resentful, holding grudge for your partner can kill your marriage.

Greedy And Being Selfish: This is one of the biggest mistake in marriage, Yes everybody is a bit selfish but women should be very careful in this aspect, open up to people, family members, inlaws learn to accomodate and share what you have with your partner, watch that movies, tv show your spouse loves to watch and try and do it together with him.

Cooking: Never you allow the nanny or house help to always do the house cooking for your husband/partner, As your partner can devalue you and start to value the cook.

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