Adorable Characters Some Ladies Possess That Can Make Guys Propose To Them Fast


Nowadays to find a lady who has an adorable character is synonymous to looking for a treasure beneath the earth surface.

Eventually when guys locate these category of ladies, they can break bank just to have them as their soul mate forever.

The pleasing characters some ladies possess that can make guys glued to them like magnet are;

1. Independent and humble

Statistics show that most independent ladies are arrogant. This gives an indication that when you sight an independent lady, she is either possessive or proud. However there are few who are independent and at the same time humble. Such type of ladies are hot coke for men to tie the knot fast.

2. Social and approachable

I was put to shame when a lady called me a pervert for sending her PM for which the purpose was to ask her to be among our guests for the weekly interview show. Ladies need to be approachable and social when dealing with guys online and offline as to understand their purpose of approaching them before jumping into conclusion.

3. Intelligence

Guys love intelligent ladies especially those whose intellect is sharp when it comes to discussion like business, career, investment, etc. I can count the number of such ladies on nairaland as I get excited anytime they aired their opinion.

4. Excellent cooks

When me, tosyne2much and some nairaland guys visited kachisbarbie house few weeks ago, she prepared an amusing and mesmerising delicacy that sent us on a deep sleep journey dreaming about her. No wonder lalastic.lala always have an unusual motivation at the mentioning of her name.

5. Good sense of dressing

Ladies need to understand it is not until they wear outfits that will expose the glory of their body or wear parachute gowns like the SU sisters before guys can woo them. Guys love ladies whose outfits are smart, adorable and captivating coupled with lovely hairstyles.

6. Chaste character

Guys run from promiscuous ladies because there is high possibility that such act will continue during their marriage. Ladies who are against promiscuity are loved by guys.

7. Good natured or assuage character

Some ladies nag excessively which send negative signal for potential husbands. Guys love good natured ladies who aired their dissatisfaction only on issues that need change.

8. Good spending habit

A lady that is prudent (discipline) when it comes to spending money attract potential suitors for marriage. Guys appreciate ladies who are not the gold digging or grubbing types as they quickly ask her hand for marriage. 

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