Best And Worst Sleeping Positions For Muscle, Back And Chest Pain

Getting a good sleep is one of the most important requirements for overall health, right behind proper nutrition. If you don’t get enough sleep your brain won’t function properly, you’ll gain weight and overall, your body will just start to break down. Despite this, 40% of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of sleep, leading to many of the health problems that the average person faces today.

There are many factors that can disrupt a person’s sleep, including their lifestyle, diet and genetics. However, one commonly overlooked factor is the way you sleep, specifically the position your body is in during sleep. This is why I am going to show you the best (and worst) positions for getting a good sleep.

On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the best position for getting a comfortable, good night’s sleep. It allows your head, neck and back to stay aligned so your spine can remain in a neutral position throughout the night. This will make sure that you don’t wake up with uncomfortable neck or back pain. It also ensures that there is no extra pressure on your chest and back, allowing for optimal breathing during sleep.

Aside from helping with your breathing and protecting your spine, sleeping on your back can also help prevent acid reflux. This is because your head is elevated in this position, meaning gravity will keep your stomach acids from jumping up into your esophagus and burning your throat.

On Your Side

Although sleeping on your side is not as good for the neck area of your spine as sleeping on your back, it can help with snoring and sleep apnea in ways that sleeping on your back can’t, making it the second best option. However,

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