Bre.ast Milk! 5 Bizarre Reasons Adult Men Think It’s Their Prefect Meal


Some men believe bre.ast milk is the best thing that ever happened to them. While some see it as beneficial to their health, others consider it a perfect substance to boost their s3xual drive. Well, these are some powerful reasons why some adult men think bre.ast milk is the best!

  1. Some men believe drinking it improves athletic performance

  2. Some men think it can cure life-threatening and chronic diseases such as cancer and ere.ctile dysfunction.

  3. Some men who buy bre.ast milk on the black market also claim to be fulfilling a fetishistic need.

  4. Others say it is a “clean” source of protein or contains antibodies that could boost the adult immune system.

  5. Some people have come to believe that a few glasses of mother’s milk could be a magic elixir (potion/liquid) for an adult.

But bre.ast milk’s supposed benefits to adults are not supported by science. In fact, research shows it may be a health hazard.

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