Checkout Annoying Things Women Do Du.ring S.3x


LAUGHS WHEN SHE SEES YOUR PEN*S: Imagine putting all your time and energy as a man to get a woman become yours and during your first s*x she laughs when you pull off your trousers. Now that could be so embarrassing. LOL, sorry I laughed but It’s really embarrassing. She could kill a man’s self-confidence forever by doing that and I don’t think you would really want him to go through all that. If you think he is too small, maybe you should keep it to yourself.

SHE IS LIKE A LOG OF WOOD DURING S*X: The worst s*x a man can ever experience is with a woman who just stays on the bed like a log of wood. She is so quiet during s*x and you just wonder her. She rarely moves too. Nothing could be creepier than that.
IS IT IN?: That’s the worst question a woman can ask a man during s*x. imagine the man’s pen*s is already inside her and she ask him if it’s in, that could be very demoralising. It’s a big blow to man’s self-confidence. Nothing could be more humiliating than that and that question means two things- that you are small and incapable of satisfying her.

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