Drink Water Mixed With Honey & Lemon Juice Every Morning: The Result Will WOW You

This simple but effective beverage that protects against colds and flu, reduces pain in the stomach, improves digestion and provides energy.


Ingredients needed:

– Juice of half a lemon

– 1 tablespoon of natural honey

– 200 ml of warm water

Method of preparation:

Put the freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass, add the honey and pour warm water over the two ingredients. Stir well the mixture in order for the honey to dissolve. The drink is ready for consumption.

Every morning, after you wake up, drink this healthy beverage, freshly prepared.

How does this drink work?

Protects from urinary tract infections

Lemon and honey stimulate the work of the organs that are part of the digestion system, and also the colon. This drink is a diuretic and is an excellent remedy for constipation and cystitis.

Improves digestion process

Lemon stimulates the bile to secrete more bile acid, which helps the food in the stomach to be better processed and to gain maximum use of all nutrients. Honey has antibacterial properties and protects against any infections. It also stimulates the stomach to produce more stomach juices that enable efficient removal of toxins.

Cleanses the blood and purifies the skin

Lemon protects the skin and helps in the blood cleaning process. If you feed the body with lemon, your organism will produce new blood cells faster. Water stimulates collagen production, which is very beneficial for the skin.

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