For Single Guys: 10 Tips For Getting A Lady


Please note that this tips are for getting a ‘serious’ lady and i don’t mean getting all those ones in jegginess and Brazilian weavon o (you just need money to get this ones)

Be friendly!

And by friendly, “Hey baby, you look hot” does not fit here. That might work on a small fraction of girls, but it’s a terrible introduction. Comment on her hair, her face, her eyes, or anything else. Do not make a lewd comment. Those just backfire.

Have confidence!

Go places! That’s right, instead of sticking to your normal routine (galleria,clubs..etc) do something different. Jog to work ( i dont mean like mainland to the island o). Mix things up and meet someone new!


Dress appropriately! 

A peacock struts around displaying it’s feathers to attract a mate. You are a peacock, so one of the biggest tips I can give for attracting girls is to dress up! But dress appropriately, it’s just silly to go jogging in a native wear.


Be self-confident! 

You’re a great person. You wouldn’t be looking for tips to attract girls if you didn’t have the self-confidence to use a little bit of introspection on yourself and try to see what you’re doing wrong when it comes to girls. It might sound roundabout at first, but it’s wholly true.


What women don’t like a bit of romance? It shows you care They don’t have to be expensive gestures just show you have gone out of your way for them. A box of Chocolates ,or a ice perfume, a book she may like or cook her a meal(which ever way the meals comes out it would still be loved) .The fact you have made the gesture will be highly appreciated.

Display maturity !

It’s always said that women mature faster than guys and are often found complaining about how immature they act. Impress her with the way you deal with situations and your outlook on the whole. Show her how responsible you are about finances, or how  serious you are about your career. And demonstrate your ability to think clearly and rationally when disagreements crop up or a conflict of interests presents itself.

TIP: Women love it when a guy takes interest in their likes, dislikes, interests, family, childhood and so many other areas. 

Be unpredictable!

Women love wondering what’s next. But most guys are painfully predictable. Don’t ASK her where she wants to go for dinner. Instead, TELL her see you at 8. If she’s curious, say “It’s a surprise.” Take her to an unusual place. Even if it’s local joint on the mainland, she’ll love it more than a fancy eatery, simply because of the anticipation. The only predictable thing about you should be unpredictability.


Have a life!

Women don’t like men who follow them like a hand bag. Women, especially quality women, want a man who is on HIS path, following HIS passions. Have a busy life with interesting activities that bring a smile to YOUR face and it will automatically attract people (including women) to you. Don’t chase women, attract them.


Be honest!

Never lie to a girl just to impress her ,it really a turn off when she later finds out the truth so make sure shes liking you for who you are and not what you have made her to think you are.


Don’t make her jealous!

This tends to backfire on the guy who does this. If you’re trying to find out if, in fact, she does like you, ask one of her friends. Or compare how she acts around you and around other guys. If she acts differently around you, then something is there. Trust your instincts. If you believe there’s good chemistry between you and her, be patient and let it develop. Do not tell or show her about your current and past dates with other women even if she asks over and over again; if you can show loyalty for her, the relationship will go smoother faster. A woman may take this relationship investment seriously, and looking and showing interest by you in other beauties in a restaurant in front of her can be seen as inconsiderate and insensitive, so focus your eyes and effort only on her.

Money Money Money! 

OK! its not included in the Top 10 tips  but we all know thats its a very very important factor in any relationships so make sure u have a lot of it   … chao!

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