FOR THE LADIES: Be Careful When He Insists On No S3x Before Marriage


It is easy to understand why a woman would activate this portion of the scripture in relation to sex before marriage and I sincerely think that it is right. But I am always concerned when a fellow man like myself gladly embraces this “Ancient Tradition on Morals” in an age where “everybody is doing everybody.”

Listen, If your Prince in shining rod, be he a Bishop or Pastor or Head of Ushers, refuses to “go into you” until after marriage, my sister, comma dey inside.
Usually, it is the women playing that lovely song of “Bed undefiled” and not men.

Even if he is so committed to the work of Jehovah, kissing someone you have promised marriage is NOT A SIN; though it can lead to breaking the vow of bed undefiled. But would it not also lead to an even greater and deeper vow of, “to love, to hold and to cherish” until “aja ocha?”

Therefore, when your potential husband, otherwise called “Fiancé” says, “no sex before marriage,” but during kissing, with your hands probing his inner spirit, if you don’t notice any rising steel, it means something is not alright.
To avoid long story, let him meet your dad and pay bride price, (God honours that one too) but warn your dad not to spend the money until you have allowed him to taste what he paid for. If he refuses to taste it, bless him and let him go and buy elsewhere.
Do not let deceit push you into adultery.
Do not let deceit push you into writing long letters of stories that touch the heart and body of volunteers like your bachelor-neighbor.

And by all means, do not let your misconception of religion bring you to curse God because of one dishonest man; actually half man for lying.
My friend, if you can’t rise, call a joker!

But more importantly, to be eligible, you must first stop all these stories of “I have only dated one guy before you. You are the second man in my life” when you know that your garden was a farmland for farmers like us. And that you had served as a “community chop” for hunters.
Come to equity with clean hands.
God bless.

Written by MIU

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