For Women: 6 Ways To Be The Best S3x He’s Ever Had


As a woman, as much as you enjoy s3x, you also want to please your man.

Just like women want to feel turned on and special in bed, men also would like it if you put some thoughts into pleasing him.

So Feminine shares 6 ways to be the best s3x he’s ever had.

1. Before you even get into the bedroom you can start spicing things up.

Play the long game, s3xy messages while you’re at work, a romantic dinner, a candle lit massage with sensual oils – all of this will create a build up that can lead to the most incredible of experiences. Being the best isn’t only about what you do in bed, it’s about what you do out of bed too.

2. Try new things.

Want to be the best he’s ever had? Then don’t be afraid to experiment. That doesn’t mean you have to get out the whips, chains and handcuffs (but of course if you want to, then go for it!), but a little experimentation can go a long way.

Sensory play is a good one to start with. You’ll be amazed at how your other senses are heightened when one is cut off Try blindfolding your partner and using something to toy with them.

3. Lube up

When it comes to s3x, wet is best. Lubricants with added extras like delay gel or warming qualities are a great addition to the bedroom.

Hand jobs will never be the same again, lube up your palm and your partner, then use long smooth strikes. Try twisting your hand at the same time for a whole new experience.

4. Don’t forget the perineum

The perineum is the little patch of skin in between his testicles and anus – it’s a nerve super centre and is very responsive to touch. Apply a light amount of pressure with the tip of your finger and massage gently. Gauge his reaction and adjust the pressure and speed accordingly.

Doing this at the point of climax can add to the intensity and make his 0rgasm feel like its lasting much longer.

5. Eye contact

Looking someone in the eye can make the experience really intimate and more intense, especially if your faces are just inches apart.

Don’t stare your partner out, blinking-competition style, but a few seconds here and there of lengthy gazes will up the ante and also help you to gauge what should come next.

6. Take Control 

Yep, being assertive and self-assured is a great trick for giving him a night that won’t forget in a hurry. Try not letting your partner get control at any point – you stay on top and decide how things are going to go.

Restraint is a great way to gain control, soft satin ties are a great alternative to clunky handcuffs and feel great against the skin, alternatively just hold their hands in place. This isn’t just s3xy because it’s kinky, but also because of the level of trust required.

It could be a bit much if you do it all of the time, but every now and then it can work a treat.

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