Great Reasons to Have $*x When it’s Raining..[ADU.LT ONLY]

Keeps You Warm: Now, this is an obvious one. Having your body intertwined with another in lu.stful passion can do a lot to heat you up on those cold days. N*ked bodies writhing, grinding and gliding against one another is just the perfect way to combat the cold. When the s*.x is that hot, who needs a heater to keep warm?

Extra Romantic: Have you noticed that a lot of romantic movies usually feature a kissing scene in the rain? This is because there is something about love amidst all the thunder, lightening and rain that denotes hope and joy. Where is the fun in kissing in the sunlight? But watching two people show each other love in such chaotic weather conditions can give you the romantic feels. So, s*.x when it’s raining is not just about combating cold, it can also be very romantic.

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