GUYs; 8 Types Of S*x Every Nigerian Man Must Try Before He Dies


S3x is part of our development as human beings. It offers the greatest satisfaction we can’t get anywhere but in a boom-boom session ONLY. It’s not just about positions, the place, the event are all major factors. It’s about time Ghanaian men explored intimacy on another level with their partners.

Here are 8 kinds of s- ex to help you out, thank me later. 🙂

1. Quickie
We can’t control when our se xual urge arrives. If you have guests in your living room, head to the kitchen or bathroom for a quick boom-boom session. It’s crazy fun and amazingly satisfying.

2. Outdoor S*x
Go on an adventurous run, your bed can only do so much. Have it with nature in an open view. And oh, not to mention, the chances of someone walking in on you makes it even more thrilling.

3. Marathon s*x
This is not to see who wins or loses. Reserve an entire day to go at it with your lady. The goal is to break all previous records of the number of times you’ve had sex in a day. Even when you are out of kappa, keep going!

5. Role-Play S*x
Remember maame ne paapa when you were young? Now you get to really do what you always wanted to! It is every mans fantasy anyway. It’s simple, pretend you are total strangers meeting at the bar for a one-night stand. You can be whatever you want to be!

6. Vacation s*x
Most of us have never stayed in a hotel before – that has to change! Take your party to a fancy hotel you can afford and get down and dirty. It’s even better if its a famous place!

7. Rough s*x
Bring all your fantasies to the table and make it happen. What are you waiting for? Go hard till the wheels fall off!

8. Lazy s*x
Maybe rough may be too much for you to handle, so keep it short to the T. Snuggle up with your girl while she’s asleep and go slow, gentle just slow!! #datsorr

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