Guys Be Careful – You Can Get These Deadly Diseases Through Kissing [MUST SEE]

You may have heard that the mouth is the dirtiest place in the body; this is because saliva contains numerous microorganisms.

Human bites are said to be more dangerous than a dog bites as it contains more bacteria. Worldwide there are billions of kisses exchanged by people each year. The air kiss, casual peck on the cheek or the cultured kiss on the hand aren’t much of a threat but a kiss that exchanges saliva from one another is a different matter.

Viruses That Can Be Transmitted by Kissing

Colds, Infectious Mononucleosis, Herpes Infection, Hepatitis-B, Warts..

Bacteria That Can Be Transmitted by Kissing

Meningococcal Disease, Tooth Decay, Gum Disease..

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