Guys; See Tips To Protect Yourself From False R*pe Accusation


The issue of rape has become so prevalent in our society that there’s hardly a day that passes without a new r*pe case.
I don’t know what’s happening and I can’t tell what is really wrong with people but I think the time for reasoning is here.

I know there is a law that protects rape victims but is there really a law that protects the falsely accused? Especially in a country like ours where the rich can always have their way?

Ever wondered why women scream rape anytime there’s a fight and accuse the man of beating her up at the slightest provocation and starving her anytime they’re caught cheating.?

It is because these two things always give them upper hand in most cases.

Now I am not trying to say there are no rapists out there. Many of them are roaming the streets looking for the next lady to jump on but there are some that were accused falsely and they are the ones I want to tell how to protect themselves in the future by following this steps because a significant number of false rape claims can be avoided by exercising caution and staying clear of situations where the likelihood of a false rape claim is enhanced.

1: Don’t Date A Minor: I personally cannot date a girl who’s less than 20. The reason is, it doesn’t matter if you have been dating her for years, it doesn’t matter if she’s a queen in the jungle, once caught, her parents will be shouting you raped my daughter. The girl will not stand up for you. Her mother will ask her. “He raped you right”? She will not say NO, in other not to be beaten, she will nod head in affirmation and that signs you deal with the police.

2: Tell Your Parents About Your Relationship: If you’re too young to let your parents or the girl’s parents, or any of her relations to know what’s going on between two of you then you’re obviously too young to date.

3: Don’t Drink To Stupor if you are taking a woman home: So that you will still have sense to stop If she says “No”, at any time.
Women no longer play “hard to get.” If an adult woman wants your sexual companionship, then she’ll make it abundantly clear. If she does not, don’t bother. If she says “NO”, please buckle up and send her home even if the time is 1am or sleep in another room if her reason is genuine.

4: Don’t Sleep With An Intoxicated Lady Unless You Have Been With Her For Long: If the woman is high or intoxicated, don’t even try for sex.. Call her a cab or take her home and then leave.

5: Don’t date an insecure and unstable woman: If you get any signs that the woman is insecure or unstable, end whatever you have with her as quickly as possible. Do not contact her again.

6: Don’t Take a woman home for sex after a bad date without some receipts: Make certain that you are able to account for your time in the wake of a “bad date.” Stop at a fast food restaurant, just anything that will support your claim that you were with throughout the evening

7: Leave When You Sense Problem: If you get into any kind of dispute with a woman who you don’t know or who you don’t know well, end the argument and leave the scene.

And Finally don’t cheat on a person that loves you. Anger, frustration and jealousy might just push them to frame you up. I know That Trials require evidence but what happens when the people handling the case like bribes?

Be-careful around things that have engines and tires and around people that have breasts, they will definitely give you troubles.

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