Help! She Found Out On Their Wedding Night That His Manh0od Is Very Small


A young lady married a man. They agreed never to have s3x before their wedding. But on their wedding night, the lady found out that the man’s manh0od is smaller than the little finger and the man did not let her know. She decided to end the marriage.

When the matter was brought before the church, some said that since they have not consummated the marriage with s3x that God has not joined them. Meaning that until a couple’s initial s3x they have not been joined. Again, they argued that since the man refused to let her know his condition it means that the marriage was built on deceit therefore it is null and void ab nitio.

But others insisted that the girl has been fully married from the day her bride price was paid. Therefore she cannot divorce and that the marriage is for better and for worse.
Christians in the house, how will you judge this?

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