How To Prepare For A Lifetime Marriage


Many people jump into marriage blindly. They have blinders over their eyes that keep them from understanding how valuable and sacred marriage is. 
They jump into marriage as if it were their first puppy love date. They in fact perceive marriage to be something it is not. The consequences that result from this impulsive behavior are disastrous.

1. Know that Marriage Belongs to God..

2. Know What Love is BEFORE Getting Married..

3. Know What Your Role is in Marriage BEFORE Getting Married.. 

So the BOTTOM LINE is if you’re going to get married some day, know who the Creator of marriage is and realize that marriage is for God’s purpose and not our own. Let’s please God with our marriages. And if you are already married then start loving your spouse! Be love! Be responsible and start taking care of God’s marriage. Be committed and devoted to your marriage no matter what. Ask Jesus to help you be a loving and caring spouse that God wants you to be according to His design, not your design.

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