How To Use Onion For Quick Hair Growth (WATCH VIDEO)

Who does not want lustrous, voluminous and long tresses? All men and women equally desire to have healthy hair but reaching there is altogether a unique ballgame. Everyone has various problems to deal with when you talk about hair fall or loss.

Most of the people struggle with snail paced hair growth, whereas others confront problems such as dandruff, brittle dull and damaged hair. When you intend to grow your hair, then a good care is needed to be taken in order to get healthy, strong and fastest growing hair that avoids any sort of damages and dull look.

Meals are usually incomplete without a slice of onion, aren’t they? When you add onion for taste to your food then you might not have known the importance of onion for your hair growth. This looks little odd in listening but yes, it is true. Onion makes the scalp and roots stronger. This is due to the reason that onions are quite affluent in Sulphur that assists blood circulation.

Though, the Sulphur element in onion enhances the production of collagen, which makes your locks grow faster. Ultimately, onion juice is a great remedy for itchy scalp, dandruff issues, and scalp acne. Here are few cures and tricks that will help you in growing your hair fast:

It is quite an advent that onion helps in boosting the hair growth to the great level and you can use this trick to growing your hair fast. Take ¼ of onion juice in a cup and blend it with one tbsp honey and grind it well. Massage the mixture to your hair in routine for around ten minutes and let it stay for around 30 minutes.

Onion helps in the hair growth and stops the hair thinning issue and honey works as a hair food and keeps the scalp and hair conditioned. It is so simple! You will see the different in 3 weeks.

This blend is perfect in case you don’t like the onions smell as soaking onion into rum will turn

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