Giving Y0ur W0man An H0ur-l0ng, Earth-shatt.ering

When it comes to s-3x and giving a woman the utmost pl3asure, most of our men are quite lacking. 

Here is how the technique works:

Start with the Cli-t0.ris

As we all know, (and for those who do not know), the cli-.t0ris is the area outside the woman’s v*-gina and is shaped like a miniature p-3nis. It is about the most sen.-sitive part of a woman’s v-*gina which, when stim.-ulated, brings her untold pl3-asure.

Move on to the v-*gina

After engaging the cli.-t0ris for a reasonable time and get her all excited, it is now time to move to her v*-gina and massage the hole thoroughly.

After a little while go back to the cli.-t0ris stimu.lation until she has moved up one more step towards

Do not forget the G-Sp-0t

While still stimulating her cli.-t0ris, you should use your other hand to find her G Sp-0t. It is located 2–3 inches up the front (anterior) v*-ginal wall between the v*-ginal opening and the urethra.

Enjoy the big ‘O’

When you have taken your time to treat her inners this way, it should not be long before she 0rg-.asms.

You will surely become an expert in pl3asing your woman if you follow these steps.

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