Kinsu: The app trying to shake up insurance with a kinder, more socially responsible approach

Each policy purchased helps one rough sleeper off the streets through a partnership with homelessness charity Streetlink It seems insurers will go to any lengths in order to distract from what they’re actually selling.

Such advertising gimmicks devalue what insurance is about, according to Chris Sharpe, co-founder of new
insurance app Kinsu. He aims to change the way people feel about an industry that, it’s fair to say, has an image problem.

Sharpe and co-founder Russell Merrett are two former senior Hiscox executives now trying to shake up the insurance world with a more honest way of doing things that has social responsibility at its core.
“No grey areas, no bullsh*t”, is the company’s simple tagline.

“The big issues with insurance are that it’s misleading, it’s difficult, it’s confusing and it’s ugly,” says Sharpe.

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