Ladies Only! 5 Reasons Why Your V*gina Itches


Not every woman is walking around with an itchy v*gina but many are.. 

Without mincing words, this situation can be incredibly uncomfortable and downright worrisome but that doesn’t leave you with no solution.

The good news is there are a few things that could cause such itching and once you know which one it is, there are available remedies for every unusual itching.

Check out 5 reasons why your v*gina itches;

This is the most common cause of v*ginal itching. These infections are so common that three-fourths of women will get one at some point. When the V*gina loses acidity, yeast can build up on the vu.lva, causing an infection. The hallmark symptom is extreme itchiness, along with an odorless thick, white discharge.

Another common cause of v*ginal itching is irritation. Exposing your v*gina to various chemicals could cause irritation which could make your v*gina itch. Chemicals from soaps, feminine sprays, and even certain fabrics can cause irritation.

S3xually transmitted infections caused by a parasite called Trichomonas v*ginalis can also cause itching around the vulvar region.

When you shave down there, it may feel smooth in the moment but it becomes a disaster as soon as the hair starts growing back. This may not be common to every woman, but for those who react to this, a shaving cream might be a better option.

When you have reach a menopause, your estrogen level reduces and your v*gina change along with your changing hormones. A drop in estrogen can thin the mucosal lining in your v*gina which in turn causes v*gina itching.

Whatever be the case, make sure you get tested and fix that v*gina itching today!!!


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