Ladies Only! 6 Crazy Things He Wishes You’ll Do During S-3x


We all know men have some really wild imaginations where s-3x is concerned. Isn’t it amazing that Fifty Sh.ades of Gr.ey was written by a woman though?

Yes, men like s-3x, but when it becomes too routine, it gets boring and they may start looking elsewhere for excitement.

So how do you keep it fun? We have some insight to share with you on what the guys really want you to do where s-3x is concerned. Check them below:

  1. S-3x echoes/reminders: The term ‘s-3x echoes’ don’t really exist, but it basically means what you do the day after a mind blo.wing s-3x. So the s-3x echo is when your partner subtly reminds you of the prior night’s debauchery – usually while you guys are in the company of friends, so only you two get the inside joke. It could be a game of footsie under the table, or a raised eyebrow, or maybe a gentle hand squeeze at the right moment. The idea is that s-3x doesn’t stop at the bedroom, and s-3x doesn’t even stop at s-3x.

  2. An occasional quic.kie: Believe it or not, many guys think the word ‘’ is an obscure term used in golf. But then again, even for guys who fully appreciate the slow build-up, sometimes it’s totally awesome to have a quick slice of nookie. Especially when it’s unexpected — like during mid-afternoon, with no warning, or against the wall while you’re both wearing clothes.

  3. Public s-3x: This sounds very wild, but there’s just something extra spicy about doing it in a naughty place. In the car, in the balcony, under the stars, on the beach, in a restaurant bathroom, etc. Just be creative about it.

  4. Show signs that you’re satisfied: This is a bit more general, but it’s a guy-mindset that gets overlooked. Men get off when you get off. They like positive reinforcement. Fortunately for men, they’ll have a good time no matter what, but good s-3x becomes great s-3x when they can tell that you’re really into it.

  5. Dirty talk: Is actually any guy who doesn’t like dirty talk? Hardly. During s-3x, just about anything you say will turn your man on, even if it’s just a non-sensical stream of ‘ooooohs’ and ‘yes.’ However, this doesn’t mean you need to rack your brain for the filthiest, nastiest words that even HBO isn’t allowed to televise. Just give the guy a little encouragement.

  6. Kiss another girl: Okay, this is probably off the table. And yes, if they find out that you messed around with another woman, realistically, this could be toxic to the relationship. So this fantasy is just that, a fantasy. So why does this make the list? Because even if this has no practical application in your s3-x life, you deserve to know the truth.

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