Men Only: 5 Things Women Find Incredibly S*xy


Just as men find certain qualities in women to be s*xy, so also it is for the ladies too.
While a lot of guys go around with the notion that women are only attracted to their physical qualities, they are unaware that their physique is just an added advantage and not the main thing.
So what exactly do women find s*xy in men? Here are five of them listed below:
  1. A sense of humour: Having a good sense of humour turns on girls. There is nothing we like better than a date filled with laughter and joy. However, having a good sense of humour doesn’t just mean making her laugh, but also you understanding jokes.
  2. Manners: Opening the door, holding hands, being polite and generally being courteous is something ladies find downright sexy. This however, does not apply to only girls, but also in all other aspect of life. You have to build a great attitude on how you handle things.
  3. Nice smell: Believe it or not, girls love the smell of their boyfriend’s cologne. So guys, please take note: always try to smell good. Invest in nice smelling perfumes and bodyspray. Why do you think some girls like to wear their boyfriend’s T-shirts? And for your information, it’s not only the smell of your perfume the ladies love, but your entire body smell. No two man smells the same. Trust me, foul body odour is a complete turn off.
  4. Ambition: Aside from your physical qualities, girls are also attracted to a man who poses good work ethics. In this case, you have to be careful who you choose as your partner in this situation, because some people just want to walk with you and claim all those goals you had, but they will not do anything to contribute or help you succeed. Every king needs a queen not a follower. This means that if you’re ambitious, you need a girl who is also ambitious, so she doesn’t drag you down with her lack of vision.
  5. Athleticism: Women like men who engage in sports or athletics. It doesn’t mean you have to be a pro football player or anything like that, but participating in mild sports every now and then is a major turn on. In fact, sometime, girls go out of their way to even pretend like they know anything about that sport. Most of the time, a smile usually follows after hearing you say you’re an athlete. For those who might say “what about guys who don’t know how to play any sport?” The good news is this isn’t a ‘must-have’ quality, so you can breathe easy.

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