Missed Your Menstruation? Here Are Reasons You Did Not See Your Period

Missing a period or menstruation can send you into a tizzy and give you sleepless nights. But, it is important to note that there are several reasons for this. Here are our top reasons for missed menstruation.

Stress:Stress reduces the hormones responsible for menstruation. Increased stress levels delay periods and affect the menstrual cycle. So try and relax with yoga and meditation.

Fatigue: Exhaustion and fatigue are also responsible for delayed periods. Lack of rest, food and water can affect the functioning of the menstrual cycle. So, space out your activities and get sufficient sleep to improve your menstrual cycle.

Illness: Sickness and medication can delay menstrual cycle. If your illness or ailment has caused missed menstruation, talk to your physician. Medication also affects the ovulation process.

Thyroid problem: Thyroid problems delay or stop the menstrual cycle. If the thyroid hormone is present in excess in your body, it can cause several changes in the body.

Ovarian cysts/PCOS: PCOS and ovarian cysts cause delayed periods or missed periods. So, if you have these symptoms, consult your doctor.

Weight gain or weight loss: Fluctuation in weight, either weight gain or weight loss results in missed menstruation. Extreme weight gain or weight loss has a negative impact on the menstrual cycle.
Intense exercise: If you start an intense workout regime for weight loss or a marathon, your menstrual cycle can get affected. So, start slowly with the right diet and exercise to maintain your menstruation cycle.

Pill: The birth control pill can affect the menstrual cycle. So, consult your doctor before you begin taking the pill.

Miscalculation: If you miscalculated your menstrual cycle, don’t panic. Instead, wait for 50 days and then consult your physician.

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