Mistakes Women Make When Their Guys Cheat On Them


Some ladies may not like this but relationship is all about applying wisdom. If your guy always cheat on you try put these into practice then you see how far it goes. Ladies a man who cheats does not deserve you let alone your tears.

1. Demanding to know about the other woman: You don’t need to know her cos if he cheats on you for her, he will cheat on her for some other women.

2. Forcing him to choose btw you and her: There is no competition here cos if he loves you, he will come after you.

3. Scrolling through his phone: These have cause problem in most relationships. You don’t need to search his phone now, asked yourself “ can you be able to withstand what you will see?”

4. Beating the other woman up: Be mature in this aspect. Love is worth fighting for BUT not physical battle. You pray about it and if nothing happens please! move on with your life.

5. Threatening to leave just to scare him: Doing this may not help matters cos if you have what it takes to keep him and he can’t find it in the other woman he will come back to you.

6. Insulting him: You don’t need to insult him to show how angry you are, doing that makes him feel that you are afraid of losing him.

7. Committing Suicide: Seriously, when you are gone, you are gone! If you take your life cos of a man that does n’t deserve you, you are such a joke! It is hell fire and God will not be happy with you. No man is worth dying for and it is only Christ who die for you and I.

Are you going through heartbreak right now, try and be strong he left you in order to create space for the right man to come in.

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