Nigerian Lady With A So, So Wide V*gina Cries Out For Help

Please help me, my p*-ssy is so so wide. There is no soap, cream, oil I have not used, I have even sat on hot water, still no way. I have done everything there is.


The last resort now is that I went to see a doctor, as he asked me to lie down and open my legs. As I did, he screamed and asked me what happened? Yes it’s that bad, my p*-ssy is permanently open.

The lips of my p*-ssy is so black and ugly, if I am urinating it’s like shower pouring. I don’t even want to talk about s3x because it’s very very bad, even the guys complain. You can’t even give me a head cause all you will be seeing is a deep hole, I am so ashamed of myself and the life I lived.

All I did was 4ck big d(cks, all my s3x toys are so massive, I put different objects inside of me. I have used a pestle that comes with motar to m*stu.rbate before, I don’t know what happened to me and my s3x life, I became a freak, even my anus can’t grip anything again.

I’m so scared that I might end up a l3sbian cause no man can enjoy my body anymore. And I don’t have N4million to travel out for a surgery. Please I need serious help. How do I go about this? Please please help me?

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