Please Help! My Husband Cannot Satisfy Me S3xually – Wife


My name is Stella and I have been married for two years but I am not sure I can cope any longer in the marriage. The reason for this is that my husband, Kelvin, who is a pastor, is not up to the task s3xually and it is so frustrating that I am tempted to either leave him or seek for s3xual satisfaction outside.

I know many holier-than-thou people will tell me that s3x is not everything but I will tell you that as a s3xually active woman, s3x means a lot to me and I can’t continue to bear any longer.

I met my husband when I joined their church and right from the first day, he made his intention of marrying me known but as a man of God, s3x before marriage was out of it.

But I knew I was in for trouble on our first night as a married couple when Kelvin eja.culated even before he could pen.etrate me. Initially, I put it down to the stress of the day but the next night, it was the same thing and even when he manages to get inside me, he will lose his Attention immediately.

After six months and the problem still persisted, I told him to see a doctor but he would have none of it, saying he will pray over the problem as there is nothing God cannot do. But two years of prayers have refused to solve the situation and he has vowed never to see a doctor or to even look for any treatment.

I am so frustrated and want to leave this marriage.

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