Questions To Ask A Woman Before You Marry Her

So you love her, and you’re starting to see a future. How do you make absolutely sure she would make the right partner? 

Here are some questions you should ask her before you pop the question.

Ask her:
What would you do if you won N50,000,000 in the lottery? You must find out her financial priorities.

Her Family

Ask her:
What’s your favorite holiday? How does your family spend it? It’s important to learn about her family roots.


Ask her:
Do you believe in God? This helps you find out how compatible your faiths and religious rituals are.

Discipline Style

Ask her:
What do you think of spanking as punishment? You need to hear her thoughts on disciplining kids.

And the Ultimate Question… 

Finally, you need to ask yourself this: “Can I ask these questions and have an honest, intelligent conversation with this woman when we disagree?” Because if you can’t, none of her answers really matter.

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