Read Top Ten Things Ladies Fear Most About S’*x

When it comes to s*x, there are certain concerns most of us have. Sure, men and women are different in a lot of other instances, but our s*x fears are actually pretty similar.

A survey has revealed the top 10 most common fears women have about s*x. Here are the top ten things Women fear the most when it comes to s*x.

1. Your partner won’t want to wear a c0nd0m
2. Your partner has an STI
3. The c0ndom will break/s*x will result in unintended pregnancy
4. Your partner will find your n*ked body unattractive
5. Your partner will not take “no” for an answer
6. Your partner will want to do something
7. An embarrassing bodily function will occur during s*x
8. Your partner won’t have an or be satisfied
9. You won’t have an 0rg.asm or be satisfied
10. You are bad at s*x

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