S3x & Love! 6 Important Tips For Safe, Healthy S3x


S3.x is enjoyable but can also turn out to be dangerous.

The pleasure of s3x can quickly turn into pain — as intense as the former, if the parties involved are not careful..

Many people do not realise that being hygienic in bed or out of it can make all the difference.

  1. Avoid alternating ana,l and v*ginal p3netrati0n. 

  2. Keep your pu.bic hair low or shave it off totally.

  3. When in doubt, use a c0nd0m. Don’t just trust anyone at random because diseases do not show in the face. So insist on using a condom, especially for those that like one-night-stands.

  4. 0ral s3x is not for everyone!

  5. Cleanliness is next to s3xiness.

  6. The p3nis and the v*gina should be washed before and after s3x. 

Remember, only the healthy body and mind can enjoy s3x.

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