See what Watching Parents Have S3x, Made This 5 Years Old Calabar Girl Do


The rate this little children are learning about everything this days is just giving me headaches. They learn both good and bad from everything around them, they learn from daddy, mummy, auntie, sister, brother, nollywood, hollywood, bollywoods, name them.

Just imagine last month i went to visit a friend in a particular neighbourhood in calabar, as i was busy chilling with my guy and talking in his room, this little girl whom i later learnt to be the daughter of his neigbour peered through the curtain and let herself in uninvited, my friend scolded her for not greeting which she did immediately, we continued our gisting and take little notice of her as she played with the dvd dics around the tv, she now came to the bed where i was and continued her play there, i was gisting and laughing too before i notice that she has played very close to me, i stopped and asked her name, classs and school as was normal which she responded, i continued my gist before i felt her hand touch my legs, innocently as i taught her to be i didn’t give much attention to it until she was so close that she stretched out her hand and i felt her grab my d*ck, HOLY MOSES!!

I jumped up and shouted, my friend pulled her up and gave her a very sharp konk, GOOD LORD am i dreaming or what? I looked at her and she was oblivious of the magnitude of what she has just done, my friend pushed her out and went to make a report to her parents, the mum came and apologized and it was settled, when she left i learnt that she is living in a one room apartment with her parents, now only god knows what she might have been seeing or hearing at nights when they might have taught her sleeping.

We talked more on this and agreed that it is very wrong for couples living in a one room apartments to have s3x at nights with there wards in the same room, you might think they are sleeping but never make such a mistake, i also learnt that this was not her first time as she has previously done such on two occasions. I dont want to go into how some movies and shows both local and foreign has destroyed innocent minds. Let us protect this young ones from s3x corruption and abuse.

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